Corporate Wellness

Happy staff, healthy organisation
of UK organisations experienced stress-related absences in the past year
identify a deficiency in line management capabilities and confidence as a primary obstacle in supporting wellbeing
report enhanced morale and engagement as a result of investing in their employees’ health and wellbeing.
According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2023 Health and wellbeing at work report

Wellness creates excellence

Amidst an evolving societal landscape, your unwavering commitment to excellence faces new challenges: adapting to contemporary work practices, leveraging rapid technological advances, harmonising diverse team perspectives, retaining top talent, overcoming training fatigue and enhancing employee wellbeing. 

Symbiosia’s Corporate Wellness series is your strategic solution, designed to elevate staff wellbeing and promote team unity.

Symbiosia’s approach is unique

Expertly crafted: 
Each session combines academic rigour with practical insights from real-world case studies, ensuring actionable takeaways for your team.
Combat polarisation:
Designed to resonate with your team’s realities, leaving them with valuable “food for thought”. 
We take pride in sparking conversation 
and reflection.
Humorously insightful:
We believe learning should be enjoyable. 
Our sessions incorporate humour to keep your team engaged and receptive to new ideas.


Training for your teams
Virtual or in-person
Mindfulness – Resilience – Conflict Resolution – Microaggression – Gaslighting
One to one
Virtual or in-person
Personalised Wellness Boost – Conflict resolution coaching – Present with confidence